Creative New Year's Resolutions

4 Creative New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not going to lie, I ended 2015 a bit deflated. Things last year didn’t always work out like I had hoped. But 2015 was a year of growing, learning patience, and steadying. Stabilizing my health, staying steady in my job, building into community where I am. It was also full of things I’m immensely thankful for: a chance to attend the Influence Conference, taking the leap and starting Elsie Road, watching Anthony take a chance on going into full time ministry, less ER visits, and going outside of my comfort zone to try new things. In honour of that I’m here on New Year’s Day with some goal ideas.  

At Elsie Road, we’re all about creating stuff. So instead of reminding you to make goals to eat healthier, go to the gym and be more intentional with your time (although you’re free to do those things as well), we’re going to talk about creativity goals. These are less goals and more just fun things you can do this year. So when March arrives and everyone around you is lamenting how they fell off the gym wagon, you can proudly announce that you did indeed keep your New Year’s goals. While they’re imagining you whipping up a green smoothie and hopping on the treadmill, you’re really digging your old paint supplies out of the basement and tossing some of it onto a canvas to see where it lands. Creative goals are the best kind of goals. Without further rambling, here are 4 creative New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Something new to learn. A new year, a new hobby. What’s something new you’d love to learn this year? Check out this post for some online course resources.
  2. Something old to pick up again. Maybe it’s a poor hobby languishing in the basement, or something you’ve dabbled with, but always wanted to really work on. What’s something creative you’re going to pick up again this year?
  3. Something to add into my routine. So many sources say that the best way to encourage creativity is to make it a habit. Morning pages, 10 ideas a day, journaling—there are so many ways to integrate creativity into your routine.  
  4. Something to give. As Jen mentioned in her interview, one of the best ways to use your creativity is to serve. What’s one way you can use your creative skills and passions to give this year?


To help you out, I’ve created a worksheet (in two colours!) to fill in your goals for the year. Click on the photo below to download. All right 2016: you sound oddly futuristic and I have high hopes for you. Let’s do this thing.

Creative New Year's Resolutions

4 Creative New Year's Resolutions


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