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4 Creatives To Follow On Instagram Vol. 2

I’ve been a little quiet in this space lately, but creating a course and feeling unwell has left me a little overextended. If you didn’t have a chance to sign up for the Spark Your Creativity course, you can still follow along with some of the great projects with the #mycreativespark tag. I also have a ton of fun things planned for the next few months—if you want to be the first to find out about those things (and not miss any launches) sign up for the Insiders email.

Today I’m sharing a few creatives to follow on Instagram. These ladies are living by grace and making it work—and curating some pretty inspiring insta-feeds at the same time. If you have any favourite accounts, I’d love it if you shared them in the comments or on social. You can also take a look at the first volume here.

4 Creatives To Follow On Instagram Vol. 2 | Elsie Road Magazine

1. Erin Bridges @byerincreativeco
Erin runs an Etsy shop called by Erin Creative Co where she sells her beautifully-crafted prints and paper goods. Some of my favourites: C.S. Lewis print (obvs), scripture cards, flower wreath print. Her Instagram features work from her shop and inspiring scripture reminders.

2. Jenny Williams @carrottop_papershop
The tagline for Jenny’s Etsy shop is “Literary prints for kindred spirits”. Enough said, right? When I stumbled across her shop Instagram I was so excited. She illustrates these amazing prints of literary heroines and quotes—Anne Shirley, Scout Finch, Elizabeth Bennet. It’s almost too many of my favourite things. Almost.

3. Emily Karwoski @joyfulpapery
If you’ve been reading Elsie Road for a while you’ve probably seen Emily’s work. She’s contributed some amazing free prints for the Insiders and a colouring print for Spark Your Creativity. Her feed is full of her beautiful work and uplifting reminders of God’s grace in the everyday.

4. Sarah Dolislager @sarahdolislager
I discovered Sarah’s Instagram through the Influence Network. Although she’s not currently running a shop, she posts beautiful photos and encouraging thoughts. Also check out the #notestohumanity tag for an everyday heart pick-me-up.

Who are your favourite Christian creatives to follow on Instagram?

4 Creatives To Follow On Instagram | Elsie Road Magazine

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