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4 Ways To Add Life To Your Creative Space

A wall of storage—baskets, bins and drawers—and a lot of light. A space for a sewing machine in one corner and a desk across the room is home to a computer. Wood floors add a relaxed vibe and an eclectic collection of prints on the wall ensure that the space is welcoming and inspiring.

Do you have big dreams of a creative studio? For a compulsive creative like me the dream of a space to call my own—a place where I can retreat to get my hands dirty or plan a new project—is never far from mind. But in real life creative supplies are stashed in a corner, desks sit lonely in a spare room, and sewing machines are buried under a never ending pile of papers. Browsing Pinterest for creative studio ideas is certainly inspiring, but often unattainable. In order to make the most of what I have, I’ve collected 4 easy ways to add life to your creative space—whether it’s a corner, a closet or a spare room.

  1. Get organized. Do you ever notice how pins of home office spaces always include countless shelves and orderly rows of baskets? That’s because organization leaves room for a space to breathe. Try taking half an hour and sorting your creative supplies into separate bins or baskets.
  2. Add some textiles. Fabric is a great way to add colour, interest and texture to a space. You can sew a cushion cover, hang some curtains or drape a blanket over the back of your chair.
  3. DIY some furniture. A creative or office space is the perfect place to practice your DIY skills. Refinish a wood desk or add a coat of paint to an old chair.
  4. Surround yourself with inspiration. One of the easiest ways to bring personality to a room is to hang quotes, prints, or designs that make you smile. You can support another artist by finding something on Etsy or you can get creative and make your own.

So while that dedicated studio may not be a reality any time soon, with some creative thinking and a half hour of work you can add a little life to any creative corner.

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    1. Great tips. I keep my space creative by keeping it clean (messy space =messy mind) and by having nice diffusers or candles about to put out a nice scent. Lots of inspiring books, I find, are also a must!

      Charlotte x
      Fox Socks

      1. Love that. I’m definitely more of a clean space person too, although I know some creatives who aren’t 😄

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