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5 Reasons To Use Bloglovin’

Do you remember when you would type in the URL of your favourite blogs every other day to check whether there was anything new? Sometimes you’d visit sites for a few days in a row and see nothing; sometimes there would be three or four posts that you hadn’t had time to read, but now you couldn’t remember which ones they were. Or maybe you just read what shows up in your Facebook feed. With every social platform using a different algorithm, you know you’re missing things but not sure how to fix it. This is why I use Bloglovin’. It’s a huge sanity-saver and one of the most-used apps on my phone. To save you from daily site checking and living at the mercy of algorithms, I’m sharing my top 5 reasons to use Bloglovin’.

  1. Never miss a post. From laid back personal blogs to professionally-run magazine-style sites—with Bloglovin’ you can follow your favourite blogs and have all their posts show up in your feed. Once you’ve read the post they’ll disappear, but unread posts will just hang out in your feed until you’re ready to read them.
  2. Read what you want. Although I understand why most social sites use algorithms to feed you content, I love that Bloglovin’ offers the option for a chronological feed. Their revamped feed does include suggestions of posts you might like, but you can also just select All Unread in the menu to only see posts from blogs you follow. You can also sort the blogs you follow into categories. So if you’re looking for outfit ideas you can browse all the posts in your fashion group or find recipes in your food group. I’ve also created groups to help me remember where I met specific bloggers. For example, I have a group called The Peony Project based on bloggers from a Facebook group I’m in.
  3. Or explore. Bloglovin’ is also a great place to discover great new content. Click Explore in the menu (at the top on desktop and the bottom on mobile) to find new blogs to follow. You can search by category or just look at the most popular posts. You can also visit the profile of some of your favourite blogs and select Similar blogs to find more sites you’re likely to love.
  4. Save it for later. Although the web is full of places to save content, I love that you don’t need to leave the Bloglovin’ app to save a post for later. You can save posts in categories called collections and it’s as easy as the click of a plus button in the app and the save button at the top of your desktop browser.
  5. Connect with others. If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur (or you just love connecting online) you can also follow along with your friends or favourite bloggers to see what they’re reading. Click on Activity in the menu to see what kind of content the people you follow are loving.

Would you try Bloglovin’? Are you already a fan? Make sure to follow Elsie Road over there so you don’t miss any new posts.

5 Reasons To Use Bloglovin' | Elsie Road Magazine

5 Reasons To Use Bloglovin' (For Bloggers + Creatives) | Elsie Road Magazine

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