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7 Ways to Live an Adventurous Life

Do you ever long to break up the ordinary with a little adventure? I do. But seeking adventure is still easier said than done. It’s easy to get bogged down by the gravity of that word. What does adventure really entail? People are unique and adventures will look different for each of us, but being open to the unexpected is a good place to start. Here are 7 practical ways to embrace the unexpected, make the most of each day, and live an adventurous life. 

1.Be willing to push your comfort zone.
Fulfillment and new experiences happen when you push yourself out of your comfortable bubble. I always think of the phrase: “Do something every day that scares you.” It ramps up the adventure level a little—or a lot. It doesn’t need to be a dangerous death-defying stunt. Keep it simple; try kickboxing, learn a new language, talk to someone new at church, or sit beside someone different in class. Be willing to stretch that bubble because it will ultimately stretch you as a person.

2. Pay attention to the things that give you life.
If you are open to realizing the everyday things that unlock your happiness, you can be intentional about doing them. I feel most alive and at peace when I am scaling a rock, hiking to the next mountain summit, or swimming in the ocean. I know I need to fit these things into my week to calm my spirits and give myself a sense of excitement.

3. Be spontaneous and enjoy the little things.
Adventure rarely comes at convenient times, and it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. The more weight we put into simple adventures, the more we’ll be able to experience. Be willing to put menial tasks on hold to splash in puddles with your kids, crawl through some old mossy caves with a friend, or make your own sushi—and end up with a counter full of rice.

4. Unplug and be intentional.
Phones, Facebook, and Instagram have left us on the verge of not living life for real anymore. We’re constantly distracted and even worse, sometimes we even go on adventures with the sole intention of posting it on social media. But social media is a sad incentive for adventure. Leave your phone in a dark closet for a day or two and discover whether real life is more refreshing.

how to live an adventurous life

5. Read, pray, and eat in epic places.
Eating or doing devotions at home on the couch isn’t bad, but try taking those everyday things up a notch. Climb a tree with your Bible, pray with your feet dipped into a raging river, or eat a picnic in a flowering meadow. Partaking in spiritual acts of worship with different aspects of creation will leave you tangibly engaged in God’s presence. What more adventure could you ask for?

6. When in doubt, get outside.
The outdoors do wonders for your health, stress level, and mood. Take a short brisk walk instead of vegging in front of the TV; you never know what kind of adventure you may bump into along the way. (But it’s probably better than Dr. Phil’s dramatic adventures.)

7. Surround yourself with community and the Spirit.
It is easy to isolate yourself, but God created us to be in community. We crave relationship, so surround yourself with enthusiastic and adventurous people. Pray daily for a big dose of the Holy Spirit. In Acts, God promises that the Spirit gives us power, and God’s power is far from ordinary. If you only do one thing from this list, pray daily for God’s spirit to lead and move you.

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live an adventurous life

Emily Vanbrederode
Emily is an avid outdoor adventurer who tries to take her own advice by daily pushing that comfort zone. She’s also an avid Jesus follower and is determined not to settle for a mediocre relationship with Him. She loves people, community, and conversations that go beyond the surface.
how to live an adventurous life


    1. Well put! Adventure doesn’t have to be extravagant – I love the suggestion for changing up the ordinary like taking devotions outside. Thanks Emily!

    1. I agree, I loved number five! As soon as I read it I could vividly remember different times I have done so. So powerful!

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