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Meet Katy

Hi! Katy here, editor of Elsie Road (and let’s be honest, designer, tech support, social media manager and executive of overly-ambitious ideas). When I started Elsie Road I wanted to talk about all the things. You see, I have a hobby collecting problem and not enough people to talk about those hobbies with. So I cheerfully started scattering the inside of my brain onto this poor site. Until I realized that nobody wants to see that. So I reined it in to reach specific kinds of creatives. Then I found myself writing more and more about . . . writing. And it slowly came to me (in the natural way of things that are painfully obvious to everyone but ourselves) that I needed to talk about writing. Really, what else could I talk about?

Katy Togeretz | Elsie Road: a magazine and online school for writers with heart.

A Little History

Let me take it back a minute. My favourite childhood summer memories all involve books. Biking to the library to get books, taking shopping bags of books on family trips, reading books in trees. (My athletic husband adopts a mystified expression when I wax poetic on this. I adopt a mystified expression as to how we ended up together.) But to me, books were entire worlds far beyond my little backyard or spot in the tree. I think this is how most passionate readers feel.

As I grew up I started carrying notebooks with me everywhere. I’d write about anything and everything and most of it was terrible. I once wrote an entire English assignment in sentence fragments. I received this note: Once is fine. Don’t do that again. Message received. Sort of.

Then I went off to university and studied general arts (mostly English lit and writing). Facing down graduation and a place with my fellow English majors behind the espresso counter, I enrolled in a magazine publishing program. I figured I could take those general things I’d learned and apply them to something more specific. And everyone knows the magazine industry has a ton of job openings. (It doesn’t.)

It turned out to be a good decision anyway, because I fell in love. I also ended up getting really really sick so I didn’t have to worry about finding a job for like 3 or 4 years. You can read more about that story here. Or here.

Why Writing?

Magazines stuck with me though, and I worked my way into the industry. I’ve worked with online and print magazines, applied my skills to social media, took a spin around the content marketing block, and made a home at a creative agency. But the common thread through all that is the words. I toss them around, I make them fit, I help others find the right ones, I buffer them with the appropriate punctuation.

So when the time came for me to pick a passion to share with you, the answer was obvious. Now I’m shaping Elsie Road to be a place where you, my writer friend, can find the tools you need to build your writing life. A place where you can connect with more writer friends. Somewhere you can be inspired by writers who are sharing their faith and navigating life through words. A place to receive support and feedback on your writing joys and struggles. A place where you, my book-loving and notebook-wielding friends, can feel right at home. So come on in and pull up a chair/pen/laptop. Let’s write.

Katy Togeretz | Elsie Road: a magazine and online school for writers with heart.

Why Elsie Road?

The first place my husband and I lived together was a little one-room loft-style detached suite. It was on a peaceful property out in the country on a dead end road. Despite the fact that you literally could not get internet access (how did we do it?), we loved that little place. I have a vivid memory of lying awake in bed—on our mattress on the floor in the middle of the living room—and staring up out the lofted window at the bright full moon. I listened to the shrill sound of a train’s horn and felt the rumble of the cars as they passed on the track nearby. Just home from having my first surgery, I could feel every muscle move in my abdomen. Night after night I lay there, awake, staring out the window and listening to the trains roll past.

Although we only lived there for less than a year, this little house witnessed so many pivotal moments in my life. It was the first home I made my own, and the house we came home to together on our wedding night. We lived there when I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis and when it turned into ulcerative colitis. It was the home we left late at night for the ER for a hospital visit that would change our lives in ways we could never have imagined. It was the place I came home to after my first surgery and the yard I roamed as I took baby steps to regain my strength. It’s where I learned how to live with an ostomy and where I realized that God would equip Anthony and I with the strength to face whatever would come our way.

This little house stood on a dead end lane that was unassumingly named Elsie Road.


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