The Creative Nonfiction Primer

Do you love writing, but the idea of making up plot lines and building fictional characters doesn’t really excite you? Do you feel like there are so many amazing true stories to be told—whether they’re inside you or the fascinating people that you meet? 

There’s a whole genre of writing just waiting for you—it’s called creative nonfiction.

So where do you start? What's the difference between a memoir, an essay and a biography? 

How (and why) would you write each one?

We'll cover 5 types of creative nonfiction:

  • Literary journalism
  • Memoir + autobiography 
  • Biography + profile 
  • Essay
  • Food + travel writing 
Creative Nonfiction Primer
Creative Nonfiction Writing Course

In this free course we break down the essentials of creative nonfiction. You’ll be able to confidently understand the creative nonfiction genre and start writing your next essay, book or feature article.

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