December Theme: Tradition

Tradition. Does it make you feel warm and cozy or does it conjure images of people mindlessly following specific practices long after everyone has forgotten why they were important in the first place? This month on Elsie Road, we’re talking all about tradition. Not just my family goes ice skating every Christmas eve, but what place does tradition hold in our lives? What value does it have in our churches, families, among our friends? What traditions do you build and how do those change through different seasons of your life? How do you know when it’s time to let a tradition go?

This December we’ll be celebrating the holiday season with a shop small list (for my fellow gift procrastinators), a special advent devotional series, a few interviews and some thoughts about tradition.

Share your tradition photos on Instagram with the tag #myElsieRoad. I’ll be reposting your photos all month long and sharing some of my own. I’m so excited to share and learn about tradition.


    1. Should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing what people have to contribute. I may even contribute to it.

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