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Dream Big. Lean on God.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

Dream Big. Lean on God. | Elsie Road MagazineI’ve always been a big dreamer. I come by it honestly; we still tease my dad about the time he wanted to buy an old convent in Saskatchewan and live there. Now whenever someone comes up with a harebrained idea I think of the Saskatchewan nunnery. Despite the impracticality of dreaming big, I’m glad that it’s something that was passed on to me. God created an amazing world with incredible people and fascinating stories and he created me with the passion to explore it.

I’ve never been afraid to imagine more for myself, but I’ve often been afraid to reach for it. Starting a business, travelling the world, living life outside the bounds—I’m not skilled enough, special enough, holy enough, selfless enough. The Bible repeatedly refers to being diligent in our work and quietly going about the tasks we are given. So how do we know if God is calling us to something different? What does it look like to dream big as a Christian?

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