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Everlane Review: Ethical Fashion

As I’ve gotten older I’ve thought a lot about ethical wardrobes and capsule collections and wearing things that fit well. I’ve been doing some research and keeping my eye out for brands to try and one that I kept coming across was Everlane. They started out with just the basics, but have expanded their lines a lot in the last couple years. With a transparent policy—they share details on all their factories—and a commitment to bringing great fashion without sacrificing people, the earth or your wallet, I couldn’t wait to test out their clothes for myself. I purchased The Drop Shoulder Crew Tee in white, The Cotton U-neck in navy, and The Texture Tunic in cream. Here’s my Everlane review.

Everlane Review: Ethical Fashion | Elsie Road MagazineSize + Fit

This might slightly be due to my own inability to judge my size, but I had a few issues with sizing for the shirts I ordered. I was looking for a looser fit, so I based my size decision on the description for each item. For the relaxed fit I chose my regular size, and for the regular fit I sized up. In my original order I had the navy tee in a small and the white tee and tunic in medium. Well they arrived in the mail and were all way too big. So I sent those back and reordered them all in a size smaller—this was a fairly easy process and Everlane does provide free shipping for store credit returns. The smaller sizes all fit well, the navy tee was just a little shorter than I would have preferred.

Quality + Feel

I once bought an inexpensive black tee from the mall. I chose a bigger size so it would be nice and loose and slouchy. I put it in the wash (with the delicates!) and hung it to dry. The next time I wore it, it was a cropped tee. I’m not even sure how it was possible, but it shrunk like 3 inches. Given the relative inexpense of these Everlane tees, I was worried about the quality. But I’ve worn and washed them a few times and I’m happy to report that the shirts are still the same size. They also feel so soft.


All the prices on the site are listed in US dollars. So when the exchange rate is terrible for Canadians (like it is now), the prices aren’t quite as great. The tees I purchased were between $18 and $28. Their items do have a quite a range though and they sell dresses up to nearly $200.

Everlane Review: Ethical Fashion | Elsie Road MagazineEthics

So the quality is great, the prices are decent, and I love the style, but by far the selling factor of Everlane is its ethics. Ethical shopping is a much-debated issue, but I want to keep taking steps toward purchasing items that are produced without harming people or the environment. Everlane shares the information on all their factories so you can learn about where your products are made. I also really appreciate their commitment to challenging the status quo and letting their customers challenge them, too.

The Final Verdict

I’d definitely purchase from Everlane again. Although sometimes shopping online can be frustrating (especially when you’re terrible at judging size), I really love what Everlane is doing and their clothes are such great basics. I’ve heard great things about their crew sweatshirts and I really love this dress, so I’ll be saving up for my next Everlane purchase.

Have you ever bought anything from Everlane? What do you think about creating an ethical wardrobe?

Everlane Review: Ethical Fashion | Elsie Road Magazine

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    1. I had never heard of Everlane until coming across this article. As a vegetarian, I’m always looking for ethical alternatives to non-ethical items. I will definitely be checking this company out. Thanks! (:

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