Serving Where You’re Called With Jen Peterson

Jen is an eclectic creative and inspiring entrepreneur. I sat down with her to get the inside story of how she got started with Post Partner, and what a typical day looks like for her. Check out the interview for some advice for aspiring creative entrepreneurs, and Jen’s refreshing perspective on creativity and serving where you’re called.

Name: Jen Peterson
Age: 25
Lives: Surrey, BC
Works: Studio Manager, Post Partner

What did you study? How did you get started working for Post Partner?
I studied marketing at Kwantlen, then fashion merchandising at Blanche MacDonald. I also completed a leadership program and studied piano for 15 years. But how did I get to where I am? Because I got married . . .

When I met Brandon (my husband) he had been running the company for four years. He had started it in high school and managed to develop some really great relationships with photographers, and grown the business. When we met he was running it full time, but it wasn’t what he was really passionate about. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, to be successful and make money—so he could give back to the church.

When I finished school we had talked about me coming on. I actually did a 6-month stint with him when I was working at another job. At the time I wasn’t really passionate about it—it was just my boyfriend’s company and I was helping out. So I did another year of school and worked in administration at Apex Wireless. In that time we got married and he started talking about doing all these other projects. But Post Partner was something that was already set up—we had clients and people working for us. As I learned and grew in my skills and strengths I realized that this is something I’m super passionate about, and that my strengths will tie in really well to what the company needs right now. To grow it into something and cast vision for our staff to what it could potentially be.

Take us through a day in your life.
Usually we’re at the office by 8. We have a shared office, but we own the space. I sit down with my laptop to catch up on emails and take a look at the schedule for all the editors. Then I jump into whatever my project is for the day. I don’t do any of the editing, but I oversee all the social media, marketing, and sales. I work on that for the rest of the day then head home and eat dinner.
The day to day depends a lot on the season. In busy season I was there from 8 am – 10 pm. Now that things have slowed down a little I have more flexibility in my time. But as an entrepreneur you have to be really motivated to get up and get to work.

Do you have any creative hobbies?
Music. I do a ton of music and we serve at our church as well. Usually I’m playing twice a week. I also love to just pick a different thing—I took a calligraphy class, and then I don’t buy art for my apartment, I always paint it myself. I like knitting.

How does your faith interact with your career and creative passions?
The creativity that I have has been given to me; it’s a gift that God has given me. The kind of person that I am, I can carry a lot of the weight of what’s happening at work or in the world around me. I feel like God gave me the ability to be creative so that I can get away from the stress of that and just create. Just forget about the stress and anxiety of all the crazy things going on in the world and just paint or create music. To me it’s such a freeing thing. My mind shuts off and I just go for it. It’s a way of seeing the beauty that God has put around us and putting it into words or art or music.

I love the work that I do and the team that I have, but nothing gives me more joy than serving with my creativity. I’m on the worship team and that’s my favourite thing to do. I just love serving that way.

What are some tools or tricks you use to stay inspired?
Praying for inspiration. Finding people who are better than I am. I don’t think any artist or any creative person—or anyone really—should think that they’re the best at what they do. We should always find someone who’s better or more talented or who does something different and learn from that. I was trained in classical piano, studied that for 14 years, but I’m so inspired by jazz pianists.

Do you have a career dream?
No. It’s really odd. In an interview I was asked what my career goal for 5 years was, and I honestly just don’t have one. I love being in the moment and seeing where I can be used right now. I want to go where I’m called. The biggest thing for me in my career is people. Brandon and I both have this passion where we want to grow our businesses because we want to help people. So as long as I’m helping people, I’m happy.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
Just do it. So many times people are afraid to put themselves out there. Especially if you’re putting your name on something. It’s really vulnerable. But you’ll never know unless you do it and sometimes the scariest steps have the biggest rewards.

What’s one surprising thing about you?
I’ve watched the entire Gilmore Girls series like 20 times.
My memory is so bad. I don’t remember what I did yesterday.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jen!

Serving Where You're Called With Jen Peterson

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