shop local: Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Shop Local: Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Still looking for a few perfect Christmas gifts? I’ve put together this shop local list—with some of my favourite shops and others that have been recommended to me. I’ve included a few places throughout the Metro Vancouver area, so if you’re not downtown there are lots of options. And of course, I included my absolute favourite New West shop. If there are any great places I’ve missed please share in the comments. Happy browsing!
If you want to shop from your couch, check out the shop small list.

  1. Brick & Mortar Living (+ Sixth Street Popup) 
  2.  Meadow
  3.  Neighbourhood Quality Goods 
  4.  Spruce Collective 
  5. Unika 
  6.  Lofty Living 
  7.  Walrus 
  8.  Old Faithful Shop 
  9.  Still Life 

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