steady in the deep

Steady in the Deep

I like to be steady. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves. Don’t let me be submerged under the surface of the water. I like the sea view stretched out in front of me, not all encompassing. I like the still, calm moments.

I like steady because I like to know. Knowing brings a sense of control and comfort. It settles around me in a way I can process and function amidst—even if I don’t like, or fully understand it.

The unknown feels vast. It’s swirling of shades of grey—a collection of things beyond my ability to understand and hold. These uncharted waters are beyond my control, but there’s depth there. Beautiful depth that suggests I will find something great if I would just hold my breath and dive a little deeper. And after all, haven’t I been in the waters of the known for long enough?

I like to be steady. I like to know. But it isn’t always possible. Whether it’s a circumstance, a relationship, or something settled in my own heart, there are times I am faced with the great sea of the unknown. I can’t always change the path ahead, but I can fight in my spirit, my attitude.

The last year has been a season of darkly-tinged days. Sadness has stuck to my heart like summer’s humidity and my bones have been weary. When I’m honest with myself, I know that I lost my footing for a little while. In the midst of the storm, my eyes wandered and I couldn’t see past the stinging sheets of rain.

But God steadied me.

Now each day I see the sun shine a little more fully as the film over my eyes is drawn back. In coming out of that season I’ve realized how important it is to find steady footing in the face of the unknown.

Lean in.

Keep Christ as your cornerstone. Don’t try to build on anything else. Get in the word and let Him remind you of who He is. His faithfulness is weaved throughout the scriptures, and His grace in the past will keep your heart steady in the present. Lean into Him rather than into your own understanding, and watch Him make your paths straight as your trust grows (Proverbs 3:5-6).

You have the Holy Spirit in you—interceding for you. Be open about what is in front of you and how you feel. Even when your own words fail you, He is working. So go to the Lord in prayer. Tell Him what you can, pour out the depths of your heart as you walk through the unknown. He hears and He knows and He loves you. Let Him take the weight of control and knowing. Walk in trust and rest in the stillness that trust brings.

Keep singing.

Going into deeper waters may mean your circumstances are changing, but He never does. Praise Him for who He is. Be thankful for what He’s given you and keep seeking out His fingerprints in your day to day. Write out your own stories of His faithfulness. Think back to the last year, the last month, the last week and the last 24 hours. Where has He shown Himself faithful in your life? Hold those memories close and remember them when you start to struggle with trust. He has never left your side and He promises He never will. Be full of thanksgiving, with heart bowed low in humility and arms stretched wide in praise.

Stay in community.

God fills your life with people on purpose. Find a friend who is willing to be there in the thick of it—someone who will listen to your fears and fill you back up with truth. Someone who will hold your arms up when your strength is failing and you are weary. Someone who will pray over you and cheer you on. Find that person—and be that person in return—and use that accountability and support to grow.

Kristin Ungerecht
Kristin is a tea-drinking, Jesus-loving storyteller living in Northern Kentucky. A brave heart bursting out of a shy shell, she believes in chasing after Jesus into bold adventures. She recommends doing so while wearing bright lipstick.
By day, you can find her working as a virtual assistant or writing for her blog, And So We Are. Connect with her over on Instagram @andsoweare or on Twitter @kktoday.
steady in the unknown

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