Telling Stories with Liz Squires

Telling Stories with Liz Squires

Gutsy, honest, and absolutely inspiring, Liz has quickly become an amazing friend. She makes it a lot easier to enjoy a day at work (Liz and I work together!) and encourages me to stop second guessing and just go for it. (See Exhibit A.) Today she’s sharing a little about her work and how her faith and creativity interact. You can check out more of Liz’s writing on the site here.

Telling Stories with Liz Squires

Name: Liz Squires
Age: Old enough to have lost all my baby teeth; young enough to not get a senior’s discount
Lives: Surrey, BC
Works: Project Coordinator, Agency Media

What did you study? How did you get started working in project coordination?
I studied Theatre and Communications (professional writing) for four years. Afterwards I did a year in a more specialized area of Arts & Cultural Management.

Project coordination sort of fell in my lap. I was hired as an administrator, but as my superiors began to notice my organizational skills and desire to tackle small projects in the office, they offered me a promotion. It’s been quite a learning curve, given that I haven’t had direct experience in this area, but I feel more and more assured each day that I have gifts and skills and it’s a privilege to share them with a team of wonderful people.

Take us through a day in your life.
I wake up earlier than I would like, get my two kids up and ready for school, drop them off, head to the office. My work day is spent meeting with coworkers about the status of our various projects, communicating with clients, drinking a lot of tea, organizing paperwork and schedules—all that boring stuff that the creatives don’t have time for (but secretly delights me). Then I pick up my kids and we spend the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company, running errands, eating dinner, and sometimes coming to our wit’s end. Once they go to bed, my evening is an open book of possibilities (except for anything that would involve leaving my house). I occasionally bake, sometimes write, often read, and usually Netflix. It’s a thrilling life.

How does your faith interact with your career and creative pursuits?
I believe in the power of story, and so does my Heavenly Father or we wouldn’t have a holy book full of them. I believe in stories told through theatre, dance, music, writing, and most recently marketing. Every day we have the opportunity to help someone’s voice be heard; to tell a grand story. That’s a powerful responsibility. I am mindful to live out my faith in practical everyday ways in my office. I work with integrity, I aim to be gracious in the face of conflict and stress, and I find ways to actively love and care for those around me. I certainly talk about Jesus a fair bit, but not because I’m standing on a soapbox. He naturally becomes a part of conversation because he is naturally a part of who I am. I seek to glorify him in all pursuits, and that means offering my gifts and skills to those who would use them to make a positive difference. My attitude changed for the better when I stopped saying “Did I get everything I wanted out of today?” and started saying “Did I give everything I could today?”

Telling Stories with Liz Squires

What are some tools or tricks you use to stay inspired?
I have a love of spiral bound notebooks. Does that count as a tool? It should, because they’re all over my house and I regularly use them as a drawing board for my dreams and a filing cabinet for my thoughts. Aside from that, I suppose I stay most inspired by surrounding myself with stories. I watch movies and TV shows, I read books, etc, but I also talk to people. You know what’s a great conversation starter? “Tell me about your life.” You can find out a lot about the soul of person by how they choose to answer that question. If my Creator has also made me a creator, I am most creative by surrounding myself with his creations.

What’s one career dream you have for your future?
I’m writing a book. I want to finish it and I want to get it out there. God has walked with me through many tragedies, and he has also given me a voice to share them and to share him. I want to honour that. I also want to be a chocolatier.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in project management or administration?
Listen more than you speak. Your greatest teachers are those around you, because you are a support to them and if you listen, they’ll tell you what they need. Take criticism with grace and give praise constantly.

What’s one surprising thing about you?
I think I might be the only person in the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t like avocado.

Thank you so much Liz!

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