The Gift of Creativity

The Gift of Creativity

Happy post-holiday daze, my creative friends. This week between Christmas and New Year’s is such a weird time. There’s that little bit of sadness that Christmas is over, the recovery from days of family festivities and lots of eating, but there’s also space for a deep breath and refresh before we launch into the New Year.

In the spirit of that I wanted to talk about gifts. A couple of weeks ago when I interviewed Jen Peterson, I asked her how her faith interacted with her career and creative passions. She responded by saying, “The creativity I have is a gift that God has given me.”

It’s such a simple response, but it really stuck with me. I’ve always considered myself a creative person—I love learning new things and I have a million hobbies that all have something to do with the act of creation. I’ve also often struggled with how my talents and passions fit into my role as a Christian. How can I use the things that I know and love to serve God and others?

When I fit my creativity into this framework—when I view it as a gift from God—it provides a new perspective on something I tend to see as too insignificant to be a real God-serving gift.

If God has given me—and you—creativity as a gift, then it becomes more than just something I use in my free time or that helps me be better at my work. My creativity is an intrinsic part of me that God created specifically and intentionally. It’s something I use to serve God and others—in the church, my community, and at work—and it’s also a beautiful form of healing, expression and worship.

When I create, I’m working through who God meant me to be. When I’m writing, I’m using my talents to serve others. When I’m planning another project, I’m participating in an act of worship—one that God has divinely and gracefully allowed me to experience.

Do you view your creativity as a gift? How does that perspective shift enable you to serve God and others?

The Gift of Creativity


    1. I sat in the shadows of older brothers who are immensely talented artists. People often asked if I was an artist and I scoffed, “No, the gene skipped me.” It took half my life to realize creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, another quarter of life to accept my meager wanderings with words as a “valid” creative expression and another dash of years for God to reveal those very words are worship and a blessing to Him. I’m really grateful to discover this niche for Christian creatives!

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